Qs Two New Players

As you might know, the ‘Qs traded for two new players.

GK Burpo from Chivas USA for the fourth round pick in the upcoming draft. Note that Burpo is 35 years old. I think Yallop really likes keepers to have lots of experience. Burpo has been stuck on the bench behind the up and coming youngster Guzan. I expect that he will be our starter in goal.

And F Kamara from Columbus for Carroll, the defensive mid taken in the expansion draft from DC. I always like Carroll in DC, because he could play simple one and two touch and knew where to be on the field. I guess Sigi must have given up on Kamara, because he is still pretty young.

So for now, we have this lineup:


Hernandez Cochrane Goodson Riley

Grabavoy Vide Pozniak Guerrero

——-Glinton Kamara———

I also saw an interesting story by Ridge Mahoney in SA how the ‘Qs have 2/3 of their cap money left, along with 3 or 4 allocations (transfer money) totalling something like one million dollars. So I would think Doyle and Yallop might be looking for some more skill players to bring in, probably a couple from outside the USA.


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