Michael Barry’s Diary

I am really impressed whe an athlete knows his sport, is articuate, and can actually write well. This is a rare combintation of talents, to know the sport well, to be able to put it to words, and to actually put words to paper, er, to keyboard.

Jimmy Conrad comes to mind in soccer; I used to really look forward to reading his features in Sports Illustrated online. I am not sure, but I think they no longer are written but the old ones can still be found. Who would know that the long bodied geek playing right back for the Quakes circa 2001 would evolve to be one of the best defenders in MLS and get to show his creativity in a major national (online) publication?

Now I have been enjoying Michael Barry’s Diary, a feature in VeloNews.com. Again, a well written insight, althought there is a bit of cliche in it. Still, it is a good read. Some entries in the past few months were more original in content, and made me see the more human side of Michael.

Still, it adds to the excitment of what looks to be a great Giro this year. And it seems one can watch it free online on UniversalSports.com. Enjoy, and “Go Levi!”


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