Cold Morning Comments

With the time to summer time daylight savings time, my body has been harder to adapt than expected. Normally, I awake quite early and ready to get going. And in fact I did do that the last two days. But with our post cold front clear mornings, the morning temps have been quite cool, maybe even into the thirties or so (which is quite cool for so close to the SF Bay for March.) When I made it onto the bicycle, yesterday for a club ride and today for the commute across Berkeley for work, my body just wasn’t ready for the cool temperatures. With the hour earlier departure, relative to the sunrise, the temps hadn’t risen much, and my metabolism just didn’t react. I did ride okay, but even when I had been sweating a bit, I still didn’t feel like my core temp had kicked up made me feel energized.

Anyway, sorry for not writing much lately. I guess my thoughts have been elsewhere. I hope to soon do some posts on my thoughts on the ‘Quakes season coming up, on life on the bike in these hard economic times, and such.


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