Bike Ride Roadside Wreck

As Sherie still is sore on her knee, I rode alone today. Just a short loop around to SP Dam Rd, up Wildcat and back through Tilden and down Spruce.

Uneventful after a stop at the Ped in El Sobrante to check on gift ideas, until going up Wildcat Canyon Rd. I was passed by a cyclist (yeah, I am a bit out of shape now) who I then saw five minutes later on the side of the road. Another guy also had stopped his bicycle there. This was about 200 m passed the gate into the pasture label Power Line Gate on the handmade sign, so about 400 me before Inspiration Point.

Anyway, I asked the guys if they were all right. The one guy said “Look, there’s a car down the hillside.” Sure enough, there was this white car down there, half buried in the blackberries and brambles. I asked the guys if there were people in the car, and they said that they did not know. After a minute of talk, I decided to go down to be sure there wasn’t anyone in the car that may need help. So down I go in my road shoes, big cleats and all, down the dirt, over fallen wood, breaking anise and other branches that I assumed was poison oak. I get to the car, and can see the back half of the car ok, but the windows are tinted dark and it is hard to see inside. So I decide I better just do it, so I use my bare hands to pull the nettles and blackberries back from the drivers door to peer inside. Sure enough, no one in the car at all. How relieved I was that there was no medical emergency to deal with!

So I scramble back up the slope, and talk to the guys. Neither had a cell phone signal, but I did! So I called information and got connected to the Orinda police. After way too much time on hold, I give the location and license number of the car, and the dispatcher looks in the “big computer” to tell me that the car had been reported stolen “just today.”

So I tear home to wash my body and clothes, just hoping I am not about to get a poison oak rash.

I sure hope someone would trample through poison oak if they suspected that I was stuck my car…


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