Car Down Hillside Followup

Well, I rode the same loop again on Sunday, as Sherie was not yet ready to ride the “big bikes” and she had scheduled lots of events for us that day. (They were fun, too. No regrets from me.) So I only had a couple hours, and decided to ride the same loop as Friday.

More interestingly, a cyclist named Anton pulled up beside me on SP Dam road just after the business district. We rode quite steadily together all the way to Inspiration Point, chatting about all kinds of things. We have made plans to be in touch. But really, the point of this post is follow up to the car in the ditch I last reported.

On Sunday, the car was gone…

On Monday, the poison oak rash had started on my left elbow, my right knee, both my ankles, and I feel itchy all over. O well, I guess sometimes we suffer for doing the right thing…


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