Being in the Winter Sun

I stumbled across this news story about studies showing that vitamin D may be useful in reducing tumor growth in some types of cancer. (Science Daily) The studies seem to be inconclusive, but brings to the surface my seasonal dread as we approach the shortest days of the year.

Yes, my mood drops, and I grow more grumpy. It could be less exercise, it could be being cooped up more with the rainy season, but it could also be just the fact that I see the sunlight less.

My usual workday routine is to ride my bike to work (in the early daylight all year), eat my desk at my lunch, then ride home in the early evening (bright light in much of the year, but dark during the shortest days.) So I just don’t get much direct sunlight on workdays, especially if there are clouds in the morning.

So I am hoping to take a daily walk outside at lunch. Get up and go outside during the brightest time of the day. If fifteen minutes is enough to get my vitamin D dose, will it help my winter moods?


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