Alhambra Valley Road Trash

I rode my bike solo yesterday, as Sherie is still recuperating from her knee tendon sprain. Up Spruce, Wildcat through Tilden, Bears Backwards (counterclockwise), south again on SP Dam Road, backtrack up Wildcat to home. ~37 mi, 3300 vert feet.

It is different riding by myself, as I tend to ride in a different way than when I am being social with Sherie on her bike. I tend to ride a bit faster, without stopping, just to a pace that keeps my heart feeling a bit challenged. Especially yesterday as the rains came, very lightly at first, when I was about as far from home as the loop required when it started. That is, between Papa Bear and Momma Bear, the drops got thick enough to get the pavement wet. By the time I turned left on Alhambra Valley Road, my glasses were very spotted and my legs were getting pretty wet.

Anyway, once again I was upset by the roadside trash on Alhambra Valley Road. I keep wondering when and if they will ever bust the jerks who continue to dump trash on this road. So I feel I should publicize what I do know.

Last spring on a solo ride going East on Alhambra Valley Road, (can’t remember date/day) I saw a red full-size pickup with an old couch in the back. I think there may also have been a couple full garbage bags. Anyway, the pickup passed me, and disappeared around a corner. As I rounded this corner a minute later, I saw it with brake lights on turning into a pullout on the South side of the road. It then accelerated away down the road (presumably when the driver saw me in the mirror). So I started wondering, is this vehicle/driver the Alhambra Valley Roadside Dumper?

Of course, it was too far away to see a license plate number. But I kept thinking of this as I rode. And sure enough, about another mile up the road, I saw what looked like the same couch in a turnout beside the road, along with some other trash.

I continue to wonder if the red pickup is the party that continues to dump trash here. The trash is eventually picked up and hauled away, I would guess by the county. But more trash continues to reappear in its place. And so the cycle continues.

Who else may have seen anything out here that could be a clue? Has anyone ever reported anything to the authorities?


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