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Beautiful World of Physics

Yes, its true: the world is beautiful, and we can understand the beauty (which makes me appreciate it more) because of physics! Calculus nerds celebrate!

See the IHT here for a story about Walter H. G. Lewin at MIT and his mission to get people to love physics…

And because of the internet, especially YouTube, Lewin is pretty darn famous.

I guess I am always excited when some one starts to see the beauty in the math behind the phenomenon.

Couch Excercise Pill

This story tells how you soon will be able to stay on the couch and get the mental health benefits of exercise.

Maybe after this pill they will invent one that lets you get depressed while exercising…

Worst Place to Be Born a Girl

This story in the IHT is pretty distressing. With a culture of ” big dowries” and incomes under a dollar a day, economics drives the problem.

Of course, men there don’t understand that the reason a girl is born has to do with the man’s sperm, and not the woman’s egg.

Replay the Day in your Dreams

I saw this story on SciAm online, where you replay the day when you dream. Seems like research is verifying the intuitive (to me, at least) idea that your dreams allow your mind to store memories of your day in “long term” places.

Now, if the researchers could only give us a technique to have the day replay my dreams…

Being in the Winter Sun

I stumbled across this news story about studies showing that vitamin D may be useful in reducing tumor growth in some types of cancer. (Science Daily) The studies seem to be inconclusive, but brings to the surface my seasonal dread as we approach the shortest days of the year.

Yes, my mood drops, and I grow more grumpy. It could be less exercise, it could be being cooped up more with the rainy season, but it could also be just the fact that I see the sunlight less.

My usual workday routine is to ride my bike to work (in the early daylight all year), eat my desk at my lunch, then ride home in the early evening (bright light in much of the year, but dark during the shortest days.) So I just don’t get much direct sunlight on workdays, especially if there are clouds in the morning.

So I am hoping to take a daily walk outside at lunch. Get up and go outside during the brightest time of the day. If fifteen minutes is enough to get my vitamin D dose, will it help my winter moods?

Placenta as Parasite

My wife sent me a link to a story about a protein that a placenta secretes that keeps it from being attacked by the mother’s immune system (BBC News). Apparently some parasitic worms secret the same protein, which works to allow them to live in our bodies….


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