Soccer Culture in USA

Well, there is a Lalas guy that has something worthwhile to write. Sorry, Alexi, not you, but your bro at Sports Illustrated online in this piece titled “The US soccer fans bill of rights.” For some of us, in fact more and more of us, soccer is as (is more!) interesting than football or baseball, etc. And we want the press to treat us with this respect, and not treated in some condescending way. And we want criticism of the game and its various players, coaches, etc., and not the homer hype marketing stuff that comes out of the team press releases and web site (sorry Quakes, but that goes for your site too.) Hence, we need more mainstream outlets to publish the kind of stuff you might find on Center Line Soccer dot com, or Pitch Invasion.

Nice to see that the Euros had rebellion against all the corporate hype and rules that mar the game now that money is the most important element. Check this out.


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