Bodega Bay and Coleman Vly Rd

Our last ride of the week in the wine country, Sherie and I went from the condo on country roads to Graton, zig-zagged south west to the Bodega Highway. We zoomed to the coast, and had lunch at the Sandpiper in Bodega Bay. After a 6 mile detour out to Bodega Head to digest over a view of the surf on the coast, we went north on Hwy 1. Too many cars, not enough shoulder, but lots of great views of the coast. Then the fun began…

… as we turned right up Coleman Valley road. Immediately, one is on the climb up Irish Hill. The Tour of CA went up this road; there is evidence of the tour with painted greetings on the road. Maybe a mile and a half, relentless climb, maybe 800 vert feet at 12 to 15%. Of course, today was the warmest day of the spring so far, so we were drenched when we paused in the cow pasture at the top to enjoy the views back down to the Pacific below. Now there were easy rollers up on this perfect bike road, very few cars, endless ridge views both north and south. Then back down to Occidental, Graton road, and zig-zag back to Windsor.

This was a great ending to our time away in the Sonoma wine country. This last ride was of course beautiful, with the bonus of the ocean. While we had talked about doing the King Ridge loop some ten miles up the coast, it was wise of us to save that for a later time when we are a bit more fit.

Of course, so many potential places to ride, so little time. So make the best of the opportunities.

66.3 miles, 4621 vert feet, 12.75 mph ave


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