Bike Path for Cars

In all of its wisdom, Albany has rebuilt the Ohlone Way bike path crossing at a few streets near our home. Of course, this was done with some money (maybe I will research what money later) to make the intersections more convenient for autos, and more dangerous for bicyclists, joggers, dog walkers, and the like.

The old bike path was kept separate from the ped path, so that it crosses Washington (and a block away, Portland) about 20 feet from the corner. This kept the bikes away from the peds, but made the cars yield twice in the 20 feet. In effect, it was two cross walks 20 feet apart. Now, at countless thousands of dollars, the city has funneled the bikes to merge with the sidewalk at each intersection, instead of staying separate. So that it is more likely that a bike can blind side an old lady with a walker and a dog on a leash at the intersection.

Oh well, those that know me, understand what I think: A bicyclist is safer on the street where he doesn’t need to stop, then come out between parked cars, at every block. If one stays on the street and takes up a full lane of space, he is very visible at the four way stop so cars don’t run him over.

Anyway, I will still job off the path, on the dirt, and probably ignore the crosswalk anyway.


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