Book Review “The Art of Cycling”

A while ago, I read “The Art of Cycling” by Robert Hurst. It is an explanation of how to ride your bicycle safely in the modern 21st century American city. Some may say the first chapters on the history/evolution of roadways, bicycles, and cars is long and boring, but it did help me to understand the modern landscape for transport in the city.

As you know, Sherie and I try to use our bicycles for regular transport where we live. We also try to walk. There are many weeks when I never start my car, but let it sit in the garage. So I was excited to read some ideas on how to live this kind of life safely.

Interestingly, the book explains what has come to feel like safe practices to me when I ride. I guess the idea of defensible space/time on a bike should be understood by anyone who drives a car. And anyone who rides a bike need learn these, or let evolution end his stupidity.

Recommended read for cyclists, also good for motorists who may want to understand why a person on a bike may be “in the way.”


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