Riding home in the dark

First commute home after the change back to standard time. My faithful commuter bike has two lights forward, one rear, and I have another rear on my helmet. So I have a “main” and a “secondary” light in each direction. Also reflectors on my wheels (yeah, I left those heavy things on there years ago when I purchased the bike.) and reflecters on my ankles and arms and paniers and..

Well, you get the idea, I am trying to be seen. And I was seen on the way home by all motorists and bicyclists (more below) except for one guy at a four way stop. A large sedan rolled through from my right, just as I was starting up from a “near stop.” It was my turn; in fact, a bus was waiting for me to go from my left. I just slowed a bit to let the sedan go first, and the bus had to pause a bit to wait for me. But I got home safely. And I felt pretty safe too.

I was surprised how many people were still on bikes. Yes, the weather is still pretty nice, just a bit cool. And all bikes I saw had lights! The industry sure has got a lot of LED flashing lights on the road in Berkeley/Albany these days.

Now, I know it is not legal to have a flashing light on a moving bike, but everyone does it, usually front and rear. (My two taillights are typically set this way, and my secondary headlight as well.) I think one is more visible with the blinky setting.

Now lets see how often I can ride this winter, and not chicken out for a bit of rain or whatever….


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