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Greg Pallast Story

The Chron today ran a story on Greg Palast. In my opinion, the real problem with the news today is that it reports what it is fed, not what if uncovers.

From the Chron story:

“The average American does not see the type of reporting that Greg Palast is doing,” McMillon said. “The average American gets their news from FOX, CNN and the talking heads at ABC, NBC and CBS. What has taken the place of real journalism is reporting that is safe and will keep the public calm.”

How are the masses to be informed about all the real stories from sources other than big gov or big biz? That is Palast mission. See him here.

Social Grace Letter

This is an interesting story. I guess no one could tell the old farter to his face about their personal disgust…

Paul McHugh Retirement from Chron

Well, I finally found out why Paul McHugh no longer has a weekly column in the Sports section of the Chron. Paul retired while we were in Ladakh, so I missed his last column until today.

I had the privledge in Tahoe of being a McHugh contact for the ski biz. I always looked forward to a chance to chat with Paul about changes in gear, and how skis are marketed.

I hope Paul and the Chron don’t object to this extended quote from Paul’s last column:

Three tips for a great future outdoors

— Intelligence is not simply a matter of mental computation. It’s also the ability to move one’s body skillfully through all elements of our environment. Haul your heinie outside. Constantly entertain and invigorate your brain with fresh challenges and fresh oxygen.

— Don’t fear involvement in a crusade for parks, greenbelts, wildlife or public access. Rather, fear not being absorbed in one or more of these confrontations. In this time of swelling human numbers, declining resources and over-stretched public funds, you’ll need to fight on behalf of everything you hope to keep.

— A reed or a twig on its own is an awfully frail thing. But once bound into bundles, they grow stout and secure. That’s the meaning behind “fasces,” those ribbon-wreathed rods, an ancient Roman symbol, once stamped on the back of U.S. dimes. No matter what your outdoor sport or environmental concern might be, join a like-minded affinity group. Not only for the camaraderie, but also to become mighty enough (collectively) to get tasks of major significance accomplished.

Goldman Sachs has No Write Downs

According to today’s NY Times, Goldman Sachs will be taking “no write downs” in the sub-prime mortgage crisis. For nearly the past year, they have been selling off these investments. So while other banks have taken tens of billions of dollars in losses in the last couple of quarters, Goldman Sachs has record profits.

Seems there is a culture at the bank that has given real power to risk analyst, so that they make as much money as the investment managers. That is millions per year per person. Interesting read…


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